Fit 4 Photos 9 Week Challenge


9 Week Challenge

Welcome to the Fit for Photos 63-Day Challenge! If you follow my 63-day fat loss system as outlined, you will be prepared to reward yourself and show off your new physique with a professional photo shoot at the end of this program.

$ 247.99 / one time
  • This program includes the following
  • Art of Fitness App ( 9 week access )
  • Supplement and Recipe Ebook
  • 9 Week Systemized Progressive Workout Routine
  • Live Support Fit 4 Photo Group Chat
  • Accountability and Motivation


– Are there upper body workouts in the program? Yes, upper body and core workouts are included in the program.  

– How long is each workout day? About 25-120 minutes each workout day  

– Will it also target Single muscle groups? Yes the program includes exercises specific muscle groups to strength and build muscle.  

– Can I do all the workouts with my current gym? As long as your gym has a cable machine and a smith machine, yes you will be able to do them all.  

– How many days a week is it? It’s starts with 5 days a week under 30 minutes a workout and builds into 6 days with longer duration workouts.